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This is in response to a recent question about having storage space above an altar. I recently moved back in with my parents and had to get my stuff either into a bedroom or have it in storage. The room in question is the smallest of the bedrooms in the house and was once my sisters's room. It hasn't been repainted in many a year which explains the hand-prints on the wall. The shelves were already in place, spaced appropriately for school awards and such.

I'm currently tight on space, but also wanted to have my altar as much a part of my daily space as possible. My computer desk where I spend a lot of free time is just to the left and partially underneath what's pictured. This explains why you can see my collection of monster high dolls which live on my desk.

Onward to the pictures.


Overview of the shelves. There is a chest of drawers underneath and as I've said my computer desk is directly to the left and partially underneath. The bottom shelf is my altar space. The middle shelf is storage for reference books, ritual items not currently in use or on display, and my collection of other cultures' religious statues. The top shelf is for candles and sentimental pieces. The white blob next to my books is a carbon monoxide detector.


What I see when standing directly in front of my chest of drawers when not trying to take pictures. My path is very reliant on the folk practices of places my family is from.

On my alter I have left to right (with semi-relevant bits of history): cauldron purchased at church fair, knife, pen, incense burner, matches, crystal flute inherited from great aunt, brass cat holding amethyst (cat present from aunt, gem present from great uncle), votive holder received as gift from good friend for 16th birthday, carved wood box holding set of runes made from rocks from my parent's garden, and tarot deck. Everything not a gift or inheritance was purchased/obtained during very pleasant outings with friends or family. The pen is only used for ritual work and has not wandered in by accident. I don't know how many people use pens, but I use mine often.

So that's my tight-on-space arrangement. I usually do any workings outside or in an indoor space cleared for a specific purpose. For me having storage above my alter is not a problem because I am mindful of what goes onto that particular set of shelves. Also, having to reach over other pieces of furniture to reach them means that nothing gets put there without effort. I hope this was helpful. I haven't done anything like this before and didn't know what other people would want to know.

Date: 2011-10-12 02:19 am (UTC)
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This is lovely, thank you for posting pictures. Everything does look neat and tidy, tended with intention.

I know chaos energizes some people, and a wrinkled, stained altarcloth strewn with incense ash and candlewax puddles, statues not dusted since they first took their place, and a year's rituals layered atop each other provide some people with deep, ingrained purpose and an anchor for energy.

I find *for myself* that cleaning off everything, dusting statues and candlesticks, laundering and pressing altarcloths and storing them until needed, keeping tools clean and supplies organized--the tending is part of my observance. Thus, your shelves appeal to me. Wonderful use of a tiny space. Thanks for posting these.

Date: 2011-10-12 11:02 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] all_adream
I think that looks very nice, like there is no real division between altar and altar-stuff-elsewhere. It's a nice job--


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