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More cross-forums postage. Please excuse and scroll if you've seen these before.

This is an altar that evolved last summer, not in formal observance.

1. The altarcloth is a vintage silk scarf of my mom’s—I don’t think she knew it was pagan. It has Pan in each corner with his pipes, and “Faun” and “Pan” in diagonal corners. One salt lamp holds a candle, the other lamp is electrified. The sand glass is a reminder of the inexorable passage of time. 2. You can see the labradorite blue flash in the lingam stone, and one of the phantoms in the quartz sphere. 3. Artist hand-cast bronze bear with turquoise eyes, always present talisman on my altar. Handpainted koi incense tray. 4. Clear and rose quartz chunks found on hikes, tiny amethyst cluster from a lapidary, two amethyst point quartz, four clear quartz double termini, three calving.

* * *
A recent full moon altar. Altarcloth is a length of fabric from the fabric store quilting department, overlaid with a Thai silk scarf thrifted for fifty cents. The tree and moon ceramic piece is a pie plate and stand. Clear quartz, fluorite, and fused glass spheres. The chalkware bear was found in an antique shop, the rabbit in a garden center. The scrimshaw owl was a gift. The antique silver crescent moon vesta holds ashes. The offering bowl is carved soapstone, the top of a potpourri burner with a crack that, though too small to see, leaks scented water or oil. It holds dry grains for offering very well. Depression glass chalice was my gram’s.

Date: 2014-02-14 12:28 pm (UTC)
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I really like the woodland theme you use throughout your altars. The full moon altar is really unique to anything I've ever seen. I also like your little labradorite egg. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones. =)


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