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Beltane 2011

Ribbons loop around an amethyst glass vase of flowers and across the vibrant silk scarf.

A bunch of home grown and gathered lavender has purple ribbon wound about the stems. The white female figure is called "Stand".

Chalice is a French goblet of painted bubble glass. Brass figure of the Minoan snake priestess fronts the pillar stand. The butterfly is an Avon perfume bottle filled with water tinted with red food coloring.

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During the hellenic festival of Anthesteria, I set a small altar on my veranda where all the rites are made and I try to spent most time possible near it. I've made a painting of Dionysus in a boat, a common theme of the festival. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

More photos under the cut (with the finished altar)
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In preparation for a chimney sweep having his way with my fireplace next week, I'm cleaning out the bookcase near it -- and oh my goodness what a pile of stuff is now on my dining room table!

I tend toward a minimalist altar, but I do have items that change with the seasons, and I'd be interested in hearing what other members of the community do to store/organize their altar items.
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I'll start.

I've been very lax about keeping a seasonal altar lately. We're in the process of moving from NC to WA. It's been a long process, requiring two cross-country treks with trucks and trailers, packing, unpacking, and settling in. As our new house is in a grove of very tall trees, I didn't even know where the moon rose for several weeks.

On our first full moon, though, I discovered she's visible from my office window, and I put together an impromptu windowsill altar of water, salt, and fire.

(Click images to enlarge)

As we settled in, it took me some time to decide on a satisfying indoor location for my altar. We're still unpacking the first truckload of stuff, but I did find and unpack my moon mirrors and windchime.

As other items emerged, I put together a devotional-inspirational altar to anchor my spirit until I can locate and unpack the items for my seasonal altars.

The boxes stacked under the table hold some of the altar items I have found and unpacked. The two miniature trunks stacked with the boxs hold travel altars. The tower of baskets beside the altar table holds my tarot collection.

The framed kanji was a gift, and reads "Serenity". The slider box has the kanji for "Tranquility" on the lid, and the word itself inside. The pillar candles were gifts, the purple one has sea grass, shells, and a pair of seahorses embedded in the wax, the white one has leaves, grasses and flowers embedded. They sit on ceramic floor tiles molded and colored to resemble slate, with stick-on rubber feet on each corner. Now, if I can just find my athames....

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