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Ostara 2012

Posting late, as usual.

Salt lamp behind the goddess figure. The sphere she holds is yellow calcite. Rose quartz and amethyst quartz stones with the square agate box of sea salt at the foot of the pottery chalice, and another gazing sphere of purple and green fluorite.

Glass beads and china egg candleholder from my mom, skull cup and handwoven basket of mini chocolate eggs, the pattern that attaches the handle is called a "god's eye". Clear quartz gazing ball, bisque candlestick handpainted with new leaves, stag brooch, Anubis figure, bronze bear with turquoise-chip eyes.

Silver wash over copper baby cup with rabbit handle, chocolate eggs.

The shelf above the altar holds bottles of pink Himalayan salt, white sand with the impurities sifted out through bridal veil illusion, lemongrass, whole dried chamomile flowers, whole dried rosebuds, lemon balm, and copal, frankincese, and myhrr resins for smudging. There are crystal and amethyst points, a wooden mortar and pestle. My marble mortar and pestle is still MIA, along with my athames. The boxes hold, variously, tarot decks, boxes of incense and charcoal, among other things.

Note: No one is posting here, and apparently no one is reading this comm. I encourage anyone who has circled this community to post. Otherwise it feels very much like shouting down the wind.
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