Oct. 11th, 2011

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This is in response to a recent question about having storage space above an altar. I recently moved back in with my parents and had to get my stuff either into a bedroom or have it in storage. The room in question is the smallest of the bedrooms in the house and was once my sisters's room. It hasn't been repainted in many a year which explains the hand-prints on the wall. The shelves were already in place, spaced appropriately for school awards and such.

I'm currently tight on space, but also wanted to have my altar as much a part of my daily space as possible. My computer desk where I spend a lot of free time is just to the left and partially underneath what's pictured. This explains why you can see my collection of monster high dolls which live on my desk.

Onward to the pictures.

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So that's my tight-on-space arrangement. I usually do any workings outside or in an indoor space cleared for a specific purpose. For me having storage above my alter is not a problem because I am mindful of what goes onto that particular set of shelves. Also, having to reach over other pieces of furniture to reach them means that nothing gets put there without effort. I hope this was helpful. I haven't done anything like this before and didn't know what other people would want to know.


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