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My altar at present is set up this way, on top of a small chest of drawers placed between a storage tower in the corner and a doorway. A leather leaf mask and a collection of moon mirrors hangs on the wall above it, and the wind chime that serves as my altar bell hangs from the ceiling.

Between the storage tower and the window on the left-hand wall is a short section of wall over a table where now hang a wall calendar and a print of an owl.

I have this set of wall shelves that were originally built for my mom's kitchen. They hung on our living room wall in the old house, and displayed photographs and small trinkets.

I've not found a good place to hang them in the new house, but something clicked the other day. What if I hung the shelves on the wall above my altar to hold altar items not presently in use? I could relocate the mask and the mirrors to the left-hand wall. The shelves won't fit there, and would obstruct getting things on and off the tower shelves. But the mask and the mirrors could be arranged to fit. There are several places the owl print could be hung, and the wall calendar went unused all year because I use my desk planner instead, and don't plan to replace the wall calendar this year.

So what do you think? Would it look too cluttered if the shelves were above the altar? Would a random clutch of objects in open sight all the time detract focus from the altar itself? I can't decide. Tell me what you think.
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